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About Us

Confused About Timeshare

There are over 5000 timeshare products, ownership types, points, multi destination, holiday clubs and fractional ownership in the world today.

They cover the entire world we live on and offer hill side views, to Caribbean warms waters, from ancient cities to South African coast line.

Timeshare owners across the world reach out to Confused About Timeshare as their number 1 choice when deciding to buy, sell or rent a timeshare ownership.

We are Timeshare Resale Specialists.

The Team

With a combined experience off over two decades we have the professionalism and experience to make your timeshare resale experience transparent and realistic.

We offer a dynamic, innovative and proactive approach using the latest technology along with the most tried and tested methods to assist you to buy, sell and rent timeshare ownership.

Above all we exist to provide a high level of service that meets with all our customers approval.

What We Do

We understand the timeshare resale industry and provide a range of timeshare resale services and solutions which include the selling, buying and rental of timeshare resorts and products worldwide.

A customer focused team who will answer your questions, listen to your ideas, search for your exact requirements and ensure you receive the highest level of service.

Why Choose Confused About Timeshare?

  • We have a great understanding of the timeshare reselling industry.
  • Our systems and services are safe, reliable and resilient.
  • You get access to the sales and purchase data 24 hours a day.
  • We offer an excellent search facility to find the timeshare you require.
  • We offer to sell and maximise the exposure of your timeshare when placed for sale.
  • We will exceed your expectations and let you buy or sell your timeshare quickly and efficiently.
  • We protect our Customers Data.

Timeshare Partners

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