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When you decide to sell a timeshare ownership there are two options to consider.

  1. Sell private and do it yourself
  2. Sell through a reputable timeshare resale company

If you have decided to or have just sold your timeshare privately then this information and the way you handle the steps to transfer your ownership to the new owner are important and a must read for any timeshare owners who is in this position.

Confused About Timeshare the independent timeshare resale company is pleased to announce their brand new timeshare conveyance and transfer of ownership department.

It has come to our attention over the last 12 months that although we are well placed and experienced to complete a full resale transaction there are some owners who sell privately or use an online auction site or local advertising. Along with changes in circumstances which result in their timeshare ownership being sold to a friend or family member.

We often receive emails and telephone calls from these very customers who ask "how do I transfer my timeshare ownership" or "how do I legally transfer title of my timeshare ownership". Sometimes timeshare owners just want to ask about advice on a timeshare valuation or how much their timeshare is worth.

Our expertise and knowledge of timeshare resorts, procedures and administration across the World led us to believe we were perfectly positioned to offer a complete transfer of ownership service for customers who sell their ownership privately.

We can offer straight forward advice on the best way to go about offering your ownership through private methods and more importantly complete and assist with the entire transfer of ownership process.

There are four main types of timeshare ownership as follows:

  1. Certificate of ownership (Resort Trustee System)
  2. Title Deed
  3. Quit Claim Deed / Warranty Deed
  4. Escritura Title

Each one of the above ownership types have separate procedures and requirements to allow the ownership to be legally transferred into the new owner name. Some of the paperwork especially in the instance of Escritura Titles can be extensive and some ownership's can be easily transferred with the completion of the reverse side of the membership certificate and forwarded to the relevant Trustee or Administration Centre.

We ensure all encumbrances are fully checked and deal with any timeshare points that require a surrender form. This is a very important part of the process.

Although in recent years resorts have often included new documentation requests to ensure the correct person is having the ownership transferred into their name.

Some of the bigger resort and development companies like Marriott's Timeshare and Westgate Timeshare Resorts have a right of first refusal in place. All of the paperwork and associated checks with sending the right of first refusal waiver to an associated timeshare resort can be carried out by our administration personal on your behalf and part of the service we provide.

Furthermore if required we can provide you will a standard resale contract you can use with your private timeshare buyer.

If you have sold your timeshare privately and also require the use of an Escrow facility to ensure the buyers funds are held safely during the contract and transfer of ownership process then we can also advise and assist with this.

To find our more information about using our transfer of ownership and conveyance service then contact us today.

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