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Quick Tips

  • Try to narrow your search down to 2 to 3 resorts.
  • Know the time of year or product you want.
  • Set yourself a budget.
  • Understand the yearly maintenance fee costs.
  • Ask for some pictures which are readily available online.
  • Make sure the company you deal with understand the transfer of ownership process for your purchased resort. Buying the timeshare is one part but make sure the company fully understands the transfer of ownership procedure.

These are just a few tips to get you started on your search for your perfect timeshare. I'm sure you will have other questions. We are happy to help 7 days a week by email or telephone.

Buying Timeshare

Buying a timeshare from Confusedabouttimeshare.com is a very simple process.

Where to start......It is important when you are searching for a timeshare resale to ensure you know the main products available on the market. We have set these out into three main categories

  1. Fixed time ownership - giving the week of your choice each year
  2. Floating time ownership - giving you the opportunity to pick your week in different seasons at the resort often gold Silver or Red time.
  3. Points ownership - giving you an amount of points which allows greater flexibility booking holidays at different locations often including offers and many locations

Finally it is important to know that 99.9 % of all timeshare resorts are affiliated with an exchange programme meaning you are able to bank or deposit your timeshare ownership and exchange or change the ownership to a different time of year and location. This is the number one reason why people find timeshare a great opportunity to holiday in Worldwide locations in high quality resorts.

If you are ready jump straight into our search facility and start to discover the different resorts available in some cases you may already know the exact name of the resort and can search for this immediately.

Click "Search for Timeshare" Button

Once you have located the timeshare you are interested in. Make contact through our simple online form or call our offices direct.

Buying a timeshare from Confusedabouttimeshare.com is a unique and very simple process.

Please remember if you can't find what you are looking for simply fill in our online form letting us know your specific requirements and we will search further through our database. We will then simply keep you up to date the moment your request is found.

Once all Purchase and Sales negotiations have been completed we will guide you through the buying process and will deal with the complete transfer of ownership with the relevant resort agents and trustee ensuring your legal ownership is completed correctly. All money is held by a third party agent for your peace of mind and full protection. We offer a buying system that leaves our competition miles behind. Your balance is payable after you have signed your purchase agreement and the 14 day cooling off period has expired. The balance funds are held pending completion of the transfer of ownership into your names.

Please remember all purchase prices will be inclusive of the legal and transfer costs (any additional transfer costs due to the resort agents, will be details in the special comments section of your purchase agreement). The only additional cost for you to pay is the £299 administration charge per week purchased. That's it! Of course you will have many questions and research to carry out before committing to any purchase and we will offer to answer all of your questions and discussions prior to purchase.

Quick Tips

  • Make sure you know you are ready to sell.
  • Have all your ownership documents ready so you can readily answer questions about your ownership.
  • Use professional companies who are willing to explain the whole selling process to you don't be caught out by "cold calling" with huge offers to buy your timeshare.
  • Look for companies who have real product knowledge of the area your timeshare is located within.
  • Make sure the commission and legal transfer of ownership fees and costs are payable by the purchaser.
  • Above all make sure you are happy to proceed to resale your ownership.
  • We are on hand by email or if you prefer phone 7 days a week. We welcome any further questions you may have about selling a timeshare.

Selling Your Timeshare

Selling a Timeshare Ownership with Confused about Timeshare is simple and effective. We offer a complete timeshare resale service which allows you to sell your timeshare with confidence. When selling your timeshare with Confused About Timeshare our wealth of knowledge and experience spans over two decades ensuring you are dealing with a team of people who know how to sell timeshare.

Our service to sell your timeshare will include:

  • Free Registration
  • No commission for you to pay, in all cases the buyer pays the commission
  • No transfer of ownership fees to pay, the buyer will be responsible for these costs
  • The price we offer you is the price you will receive, with no deductions
  • Free Valuation and Market Appraisal

When deciding to sell a timeshare our job is to put your ownership in front of as many potential buyers as possible. We offer an industry leading solution to help and assist with the selling of your timeshare ownership.

Confused About Timeshare is the Number One Choice timeshare resale company. We will ensure with our extensive knowledge of the timeshare industry that we can offer you:

  • A Professional Approach and Extensive Knowledge Base
  • International and Worldwide Marketing Exposure of your Timeshare Ownership
  • We sell all Timeshare Ownerships including Selling Timeshare Points, Holiday Club, Fixed weeks, floating ownership, vacation ownerships and fractional ownerships

We offer individual advice and solutions whether you wish to buy timeshare or sell timeshare.

We can guarantee that we will market and promote your ownership until a buyer is found. We ensure that every timeshare ownership taken on is marketed and promoted to as many potential buyers as possible giving you a huge audience of buyers which will ensure an offer is made quickly and you can soon be enjoying a completed sale.

Our International Timeshare Marketing Programme and Exposure

We will ensure that your timeshare is being exposed 24 hours a day so even when you are sleeping, purchasers around the Globe will have access to the details concerning your timeshare at their finger tips. No need for long drawn out telesales calls with high pressure selling just proactive information to guide the buyers to your timeshare.

We ensure your timeshare is exposed through as many of the Internet's favourite search engines. We use Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask and other major search engines. Our in house Search Engine Optimisation Team ensures that we are leading the way in the way our buyers will find your timeshare for sale.

We also use email marketing, internet survey marketing, national newspapers along with other media publications and our extensive database to promote the timeshares we have for sale.

The most important task we have from the day you select our company to market your timeshare is to ensure we find you a suitable buyer. Our International Marketing Program through our online services will ensure maximum exposure for your timeshare ownership.

Confused About Timeshare is the number one choice for selling and buying timeshare worldwide.

Our Customer Services Commitment

Selling your timeshare with Confused about Timeshare allows you to stay in control of your sale with automated updates and all offers being made to you within 24 hours! Our Customer Service department are always on hand to help you.

We outshine our competitors with our service and commitment to sell your timeshare!

Once you have placed your timeshare for sale your own personal reference number will be assigned and your timeshare will be live and available through our International Timeshare Marketing Program within minutes. You can check your advert using your personal reference number and if you wish to add your own personal comments you simply advise us and they will be added to your personal advert, ensuring the advert is relevant to your timeshare resale.

We carry out a full check of your ownership to ensure it is listed correctly and the details that buyers will be viewing are exact and up to date. This will make sure your timeshare sale is presented with ease to the potential buyers.

To sell your timeshare now please click here.

Free Timeshare Registration

To register your timeshare details for sale please complete our contact form providing details of the ownership you would like to sell in the comments section. We can then offer you a completely free valuation and market appraisal. Your timeshare ownership can be added to our database and we can explain the service we offer to sell your timeshare ownership.

Transfer of Ownership and Sale Completion

Once you have a firm offer for your timeshare the next step is to ensure the legal transfer of ownership is completed with care and attention. We employ a third party Escrow agent who deals with the completion of the sale for your complete peace of mind. This ensures that each party can sit back and relax whilst their ownership is being transferred ensuring that the third party escrow agent will only release the original certificate/deeds and sale funds once all legal transfer of ownership is complete. This offers both the seller and buyer complete protection. Payment for the sale of your ownership can be made by bank transfer or cheque.

Click to sell your timeshare now.

Rent a Timeshare / Rent my Timeshare

Do you have a timeshare you are interested in renting out?

Do you wish to rent a timeshare holiday?

It has come to our attention that there is a massive demand from customers who wish to rent extra holiday weeks at high quality timeshare resorts. This demand has escalated due to the increasing amount of customers who wish to extend their stay from one week to two weeks holiday. Although it is often possible to pick up bonus weeks they often are unavailable or at a high premium.

We realised that a huge amount of timeshare owners pay their annual maintenance fees each year then forget to use their ownership or realise too late that the week has passed.

With this in mind we decided to introduce our timeshare rental system. This is a simple way for timeshare owners to get paid a rental income for the weeks and time they cannot use. So let's say you own a week in May in a one bedroom resort in Tenerife. You simply call or email our offices and we ensure that your ownership is available through our rental database and being marketed to find a suitable family to use your week. In return you get paid a rental income. This not only means someone else benefits from the use of your apartment but at the same time you also earn some extra money for something that may have gone unused.

You leave the administration of your rental to our customer services team who will sort out the entire process.

We get loads of enquiries each week with a customer saying "I want to rent timeshare". It is often the case that the customer wants to sample the resort and then come back and discuss a possible purchase. It is a great benefit to owners who are not using their ownership and for people who want to sample a rental at one of the many different timeshare resorts acorss the World.

So what are you waiting for if you have a timeshare and wish to rent it out or are looking to rent a timeshare for your next holiday we look forward to hearing from you soon.

We can rent standard timeshare weeks, points, floating and holiday clubs.

We currently need rentals in resorts in the Canary Islands, Spain, Florida, India, Thailand, Malta, Cyprus and many other locations.

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