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Buying a timeshare from Confused About Timeshare is a unique and very simple process.

We cover all destinations, resorts and timeshare related products in the world. You can use our search facility above to browse through Country specific information. Here you will find resort information, pictures and current ownership timeshare resales which are available. If you have a specific timeshare requirement and cannot find this. Please simply contact us and we will be happy to search for further availability.

As a leading timeshare resale company we have over 15 years of timeshare experience. You are assured of a customer focused company who are an RDO Approved timeshare resale company for your peace of mind and safety.

The timeshare resales that we have available are always offered with savings of up to 75% off the original purchase price. Our inventory listing changes on a daily basis which ensures fresh new resale ownerships for you to search for.

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Most Popular Places

Below are some of our most popular Worldwide timeshare destinations. Please browse our extensive resort directory.

Different Types of Timeshares

It is important when you are searching for a timeshare resale to ensure you know the main products available on the market. We have set these out into five main categories:

  1. Fixed timeshare ownership - This is a fixed week number which you may use and occupy each year. You can check out our timeshare calendar to see examples of fixed week numbers
  2. Floating timeshare ownership - A floating ownership is split into different seasons and usually given a colour or name for each season from which you may pick your desired timeshare holiday. Examples of seasons are known as: Platinum, Gold, Red, Blue.
  3. Points timeshare ownership - A points ownership gives you an allocation of annual points which are exchanged through a central reservation system to a desired resort held within a points portfolio of resorts. There are often extra areas of points ownership to include holiday extras, cruise holidays, cottage rental, car hire, etc.
  4. Holiday Club - A holiday club ownership is a portfolio of resorts that you can exchange within. There are often seasonal differences and different apartment sizes.
  5. Fractional Ownership - Fractional ownership is a type of ownership whereby you purchase a period or fraction of time in an apartment, house, boat or other leisure related product for set period. This will involve other owns who share the responsibility over the overall ownership for a set period of time or lease.

For more information, see our buying timeshare help page.

Our professional team will explain the entire buying process and our inhouse administration department with work with you to complete the transfer of ownership. As a company we are often called upon to advise and assist with the transfer of ownership, having built a reputation as one of the most informative timeshare resale companies in the industry. We strive everyday to deliver a service that provides a platform for professional transparent timeshare resale service.

Once all Purchase and Sales negotiations have been completed we will prepare your agreement. We operate strictly within all timeshare regulations, and above all ensure both vendor and purchaser is given the mandatory 14 day cooling off period. All purchase monies are held in a third party Escrow account until the legal transfer of ownership is complete, offering you peace of mind and full protection.

Most timeshare resales will have standard transfer of ownership costs and they will be explained to you in full before proceeding with any offer. The only other cost you pay is a one time £299 legal and administration charge. That's it! Of course you will have many questions and research to carry out before committing to any purchase and we will offer to answer all of your questions and discussions prior to purchase.

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