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Surrounded by the Irish Sea the Isle of Man is between the coast ofEngland and Ireland.

It is an unspoilt Island that has an independent Government and it's very own Manx legal tender currency.

The Isle of Man is most well known for it's love of Motorbikes when it plays host the annual TT festival in May and June each year. This attracts competitors and spectators from all of the World.

Luckily the Island also has a timeshare resort. At the time of writing it is home to The Cherry Orchard resort in the South of the Island in Port Erin. This resort is an RCI affiliated resort and a timeshare exchange to the Cherry Orchard would make a wonderful holiday to this seaside town.

When staying at the Cherry Orchard timeshare resort you are just moments away from a vintage steam train that can weave you through the Countryside and to Douglas the Islands capital.

If you have been to the Isle of Man and have experiences and information that may help other timeshare owners, then please email this information and we will be happy to publish your comments.

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