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Timeshare has evolved over the years and now more than ever consumers own and buy timeshare points.

We often get asked what is a timeshare point?

How can you verify what timeshare points actually are and how do they work?

There really is no mystery. A timeshare point or collection of points simply represents a value in terms of holiday time at certain resorts or exchange value to use as credits for timeshare holidays.

There are many points systems in operation and in fact under the same umbrella comes timeshare holiday clubs.

If you take Club La Costa Points as an example. They may own ten resorts across Europe and each season, apartment size and period of stay has a points value attached to it. You then use or reserve your holiday against the amount of points you own. The points often come in sections ranging from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The more timeshare points owned the better chance of more and higher seasonal holidays that become available.

Some of the popular timeshare points systems that we deal with are listed below.

Sell Buy Rent Club La Costa Vacation Club Points

Sell Buy Rent RCI Points

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